MP Combat Protein Powder for sale in Australia


MP Combat Protein was designed for:

Support protein synthesis
Muscle growth and building
Protect muscle tissue

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 to 2 scoops of Combat Powder® with 8-12 fl oz of cold water. Vary the amount of liquid to achieve your desired consistency and taste. Consume 2-3 times daily for optimal muscle growth.

Combat 100% PROTEIN POWDER Is designed for individuals or athletes who want a high-quality multiple protein source that “feeds” muscles over a longer period of time and that can contribute to muscle repair and growth. Those with higher protein requirements (i.e., body builders) who cannot consume enough protein from their regular diet may also benefit from taking combat.

People who train hard demand a superior and more effective protein. To maximize lean muscle growth and recovery ensuring proper protein utilization, Combat Protein Powder with a variety of protein blends that digest at varying rates—this helps fuel your muscles longer. The great-tasting, easy-mixing digestive blend is fine-tuned for true nutrient utilization–a step ahead in protein powder technology. Most other protein products seem to be okay with the status quo, the minimum.

But ask yourself: do you give your workouts minimum effort? Combat Protein Powder is precision-engineered with whey protein concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates, egg albumin, and micellar casein. These helps create a muscle-building environment for longer periods of time, which results in greater muscle building, recovery and performance.


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